Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa passed reach codes for building electrification and prohibited the construction of new gas stations.

The intersection of 4th & D Streets, Downtown Santa Rosa, California, United States.
By Wulfnoth of English Wikipedia

The Santa Rosa voted unanimously (6-0) in favor of an all-electric reach code for new construction. Santa Rosa is the second-largest city after San Jose to pass an electrification ordinance, and this vote helps to reinforce the understanding that all-electric construction is cost-effective and viable in larger cities with more diverse building stock. Additionally, Santa Rosa is on the road to recovery after the tragic fires of 2018. City council members repeatedly made the point that building electrification is an important part of the city’s long-term climate resilience plan, because reducing greenhouse gases is a key to reducing forest fire risk. In 2022, Santa Rosa prohibited construction of new gas stations.

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