Tacoma passed a protection and climate plan against fossil fuels.

Downtown Tacoma skyline from the south side of Interstate 5
By SounderBruce

Local residents, groups, and the Puyallup Tribe worked to pass temporary protections for their communities know as Interim Regulations. These protections not only banned new fossil fuel infrastructure in the Tideflats, but they also improved and expanded the process for notifying the community about upcoming projects. Since the passage of the interim regulations in fall of 2017, they have been renewed every six months, and remain in effect to this day. However, the fight for permanent regulations continues!

In April 2021, City Council passed a resolution to phase fossil fuels out of city-owned buildings. The resolution also commits the city to conduct an impact assessment for electrifying all buildings in Tacoma – which will be made public by the beginning of 2023.

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