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Want to organize in your community to protect people from fossil fuels and take on climate change? You've come to the right place.

SAFE Cities is an international movement of communities that organize to pass local policies that phase out fossil fuels and fast track clean, more efficient energy solutions for all. We’re building a network of local groups organizing to get local elected officials to pass SAFE policies – like getting gas out of buildings, protecting communities from new or expanded fossil fuel infrastructure, and more.

Joining the SAFE Cities organizer community means getting the support, network, and tools to help keep your community safe from fossil fuels. We’ll share campaign playbooks, provide online trainings and access to a suite of cutting-edge digital organizing tools to help build a powerful, unstoppable movement.

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Learn how real activists won tangible victories over the fossil fuel industry in their own communities.

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The place that started it all – how Whatcom County defeated the fossil fuel industry’s mega expansion plans

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Baltimore residents come together to defeat a stop deadly oil train proposals – permanently 

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King County builds a robust movement to win a fossil-free future

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Tacomans and the Puyallup Tribe rally together for a safer community

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South Portland defeats the tar sands industry and the American Petroleum Institute