District of West Vancouver

The District of West Vancouver passed a building electrification policy and the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

A portion of West Vancouver as seen from the water
By Andrew (Tawker)

In June of 2020 the District of West Vancouver passed a new policy that would make most new buildings fossil fuel-free by requiring new single-family homes to achieve the highest efficiency level of the BC Energy Step Code – Level 5 – or instead use a low-carbon energy system for heat and hot water and meet Level 3 of the code. New multi-family apartments must meet Level 4 of the Step Code or meet Level 2 with a low-carbon energy system. The District of West Vancouver also endorsed the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty in November 2021, committing to stopping the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. Will you call on the district’s leaders to continue to take bold SAFE action?

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