MEDIA ADVISORY: Governments across the US and Canada moving off methane gas

Published on October 24, 2022

More cities, including those with cold climates, and US states join the movement for all-electric buildings


WHAT: Over the past six months, more than 30 local and state governments passed or introduced new policies to limit methane gas and other fossil fuel use in buildings to protect local health, safety, and equity as well as global climate. SAFE Cities and partners will host a live online joint policy announcement event on October 26 that honors local leadership in this growing movement and features the launch of a Briefing Note that counters the false and misleading messaging of the gas industry.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 26, 2022
9:30 AM Pacific/10:30 AM Mountain/11:30 AM Central/12:30 PM Eastern


A growing number of communities and states in the US and Canada are developing and passing building electrification policies. These policies protect communities, particularly the most marginalized members, and the planet from the impacts of burned and leaked methane gas. Governments taking action include cities with challenging cold weather climates, large and small jurisdictions, cities introducing innovative new approaches to decarbonization, cities that have inspired their state governments to take action, and cities that have acted despite restrictions from their states.

SAFE Cities works with local government leaders and advocates to stop fossil fuel expansion and phase out fossil fuels. Along with our partners, we’re honored to recognize these leaders in building electrification at our joint policy announcement on Building Electrification.

Notable developments in building electrification in the last six months include:

  • Governments that finalized and passed policies for electrification: Washington, DC; Vancouver, Victoria, and New Westminster, BC; Hercules, San Luis Obispo, Santa Monica, Martinez, and Pasadena, CA; and the State of Washington
  • Governments with policies introduced or in development: Montréal, Quebec; Los Angeles, CA; Eugene, OR; Hastings-on-Hudson, NY; and the State of Washington
  • Governments that adopted recommendations for electrification: Bethlehem, NY; Kansas City, MO; San Diego, CA; and the State of California
  • Governments that passed Home Rule Petitions for building electrification and have applied to be in the Massachusetts state pilot for all-electric new construction: Acton, Aquinnah, Arlington, Boston, Brookline, Concord, Cambridge, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, Northampton, Somerville, Salem, and West Tisbury, MA; 10 of these communities, Acton, Aquinnah, Arlington, Brookline, Concord, Cambridge, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton, and West Tisbury, had their earlier building electrification policies blocked by the State


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